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What is the chart called that shows how NFL teams work their way to the Superbowl?

Posted on 08 August, 2013 in Category

  1. I am looking for a chart that shows how NFL teams are matched and how the games are set to work their way to the Superbowl. A chart similar to a tree that shows two teams that played each other, the winner, and then who the winner of that game plays and so on. Dont know what this chart is called, but they have them for all sorts of sports. What is this chart called and where can I find one?

    Answer by ?
    Brackets, just like the NCAA

  2. Three NFL teams(Cowboys, Vikings, Broncos) have fired their head coaches during the regular season, I think NFL teams should fire their head coaches at the end of regular season, because teams could cause a mess and they get have a hard time for a replacement.

    Answer by Steez Er
    Firing them during the regular season may actually HELP get a better replacement…the coaches out there looking for a HC job would be aware of the new position well in advance. Also, if you look at the cowboys this season, theyve done MUCH better with their interim coach.

  3. throughout Southern California, you will find people who are fans of every NFL team, for example, you will run into a Raiders fan, Cowboys fan, Steelers fan, Patriots fan, Browns fan, Packers fan, Bears fan, 49ers fan, Chargers fan, and on and on. Is it because there is no NFL team in Los Angeles, the L.A. Metropolitan are which includes Orange County, Riverside, Ventura County? or is it because Southern California is full of transplants, people that originated from other states, regions, cities, that they will root and cheer for their old hometown team eventhough they moved to California.
    does Southern California have more transplants than any other region, area in the United States? Also, I cant remember running into somebody who is a non-Laker fan, or a non-Angel fan, non-Dodger fan, like I cant remember ever finding somebody who is a fan of other NBA or MLB teams besides the Lakers, Angels, and Dodgers.
    and I have run into a lot of Steelers and Cowboys fans, and other teams, who are not even from those states, areas, regions, cities on which those teams are from, is it because since there is no NFL team in L.A., they feel they gotta support some team?

    cause the chargers suck…

  4. I know this season isnt quite over, but if anyone has heard anything feel free to answer.

    What NFL teams will have new/updated uniforms next season?

    I know for a fact the Jacksonville Jaguars will have new unis next year, but that is all Ive heard.

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    Answer by Seattle Hire Love Smith! (Ax)
    None, every team got new uniforms this last year.
    We wont get new uniforms until another athletic brand sponsors the NFL.

  5. NFL teams are just entertainment businesses. So what if he buys a team? Why would anyone care?

    Answer by Pheemz
    Oh come on, be fair! The Rams are already enough of a joke without having Limbaugh buy them!

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